Best Ever Brainstorm
  • They’re 100% waterproof: no warping, they’re virtually indestructible.
  • They’re completely stain resistant: Go for it! Toss tomato sauce, spill wine or olive oil… smoosh a raspberry — whatever — they wipe clean.
  • They’re ridiculously lightweight — throwing a turkey in the oven weighs more.
  • They’re completely non-glare.
  • They’re oh-so-affordable. Yep. They cost less than one from some other company — that you can’t lift.
  • You can mix and match and select your own designs.
  • Each backdrop comes with 2 textures.
  • They ship FREE in the USA in about 2 days.

One thing that hasn’t changed: my product and my goal:

At the get-go, my mission was to eliminate the backbreaking and heavy lifting that shouldn’t be a part of a photographer’s job description… and I knew there was a better way to make the backdrops that were considered “the norm” in the industry.

Nothing is ever out of stock… or out of style.

So — that’s the story. I love the creativity, the joy people get from doing what they love, and I want everyone to succeed. If I can help get you there, I’ve done my job.



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Create your own home studio with the best food photography backdrops that professional photographers use. 100’s of surfaces for Product Photography and more. Av